Posted by: jolantru | July 20, 2009

Wave Seven: Homesickness

I am homesick.

Even though the City has been kind to me so far, I am still a daughter of the sea. I miss the sea’s touch on my skin, the embrace of seawater around me. There is always the communal Baths where I find myself soaking my body in the hot springs. But nothing beats the real sea and Her warmth.

Do you feel like this? I often ask Auri. Do you?

She does not say much. Her eyes answer everything.

Sometimes there is just too much concrete surrounding us and the feeling gets too unbearable, intolerable.

Josh knows the feeling too. It is not merely a feeling, but a whole-body aching where medical healing does not work.

I am the only chef in the family, he tells me simply and I stare at him, recognizing that voice, that tone. Another kindred spirit. Am I always drawn to people with the same stories to tell?

So we leave our homes and make new ones in other places. Our bodies, our memories, are tied to the land we are born on – and we get homesick.

In times like these, I remember the folk song my Grandmother has taught me. The title roughly translates to “The Sky Is Dark”. It comforts me in times of loneliness and I recall it being sung in a sincere quavering voice while the memories of boiling broth and quiet chatter gently cradle me to sleep.


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