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Wave Ten: Whole (Interlude)

Wave Ten: Whole (Interlude)

Of course Josh has to know. He is surprised at first, gradually accepting Auri into our circle, effectively turning us into a triad. For me, I am surprised too, though in a pleasant way. I have long thought I was Apart.

We are still discovering many things about each other, all three of us. Auri is the oldest in the triad and the most stable. Besides she is the mistress of the School!

As for the scars within and without, Auri has helped me as much as I do on my part. I have drawn myself out of the physical and mental fog – for the better, because my body has begun its healing process.

As a treat, Josh cooks his rich oyster stew. Food heals and the company I am with speeds the healing, makes it work wonders to the body and the soul.


Josh’s Innerlanders Oyster Stew
· Half a cup of freshly churned butter
· A cup of chopped celery (carrots and potatoes are also good).
· Three table-spoonful of chopped shallots (small onions make a fine substitute as well).
· One quart of fresh cream.
· Two bowlfuls of fresh oysters, washed clean of grit.
· Salt and ground black pepper for taste.
Melt the butter in a large pot, throw in the shallots or small onions. Stir until the shallots are soft and golden-brown. Add in the celery (or the carrots and potatoes).
Add in the fresh cream and mix with medium heat, remembering to stir frequently. When the mixture is about to boil, add in the oysters and the brine they have been soaked in. Salt and pepper for the seasoning. Taste first before adding more salt.
Stir until the “lips” of the oysters curl and when this happens, turn off the heat. Serve with hot bread or river rice. Or enjoy it unadorned.

Our bellies are warmed by the delicious food and our souls enriched by the loving company and community that is the triad. I gift Josh with a yellow scarf – it fits him well and yellow is his personal color. He laughs and kisses me on the cheek.

When we join each other in bed, we become like oysters, opening up to the world, to tender touch and soft voices. We are exposed to total vulnerability, presenting our naked and true selves to one another. Our sensuality is enhanced by sensitivity, trust and understanding. Our lips touch smooth and scarred skin, kindling fires in our chests and loins. Joshi spoons me from the back, like a warm curved palm, his hands cupping my breasts, while I gather Auri close, her face nuzzling the space between skin and flesh, licking salt and water with her moist tongue. She gasps when I inhales her scent deeply and kisses her inner lips, the soft velvety patch between her thighs like sea moss.

Pain transmutes to pleasure. Our sweat flows like glistening nacre, coating heaving bodies united in climax.

I am becoming whole as my beloved companions are.

And my dreams are dreams of the sea, interwoven with Auri’s love and Joshi’s caring regard.



  1. Beatiful, as always. Your phrasing evokes impressive images.

    • Thank you. 🙂

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