Posted by: jolantru | September 15, 2009

Wave Thirteen: Finally Found You (A Short Letter)

Auri and Josh, I am grateful to have finally found you. This revelation, with my magic – my curling of light – gives me so much joy, so much pleasure. You two are the golden sunlight on sea kelp, keeping me going, giving me the motivation to move on.

That you are both open to magic and understand how it makes one different is enough to make my heart sing.

Auri, I am forever indebted to you. The first time I saw you, I thought you were just the sea-witch. Now, I know you as you, an individual, the woman whom I love and cherish very much.

Josh, your culinary skills are as divine as you are – rich, multi-layered, you. The whole makes the person – and your skills are just part of the man I love.

And my loves, please continue sharing our stories, our passions, our loves.



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