Posted by: jolantru | October 6, 2009


I am the daughter of oyster-divers and pearl-gatherers. I am the descendant of the first-wave immigrants from old Terra Firma, the ancient Earth planet the grandmothers of the village speak so kindly of. I am the daughter of a line of women who risk their lives to dive for the treasures of the sea, the rough-shelled bivalves that give us food and orbs of beauty.

I am the daughter of the sea and a curler of light. I tiptoe between two worlds, both as real and as rich. Within me, the sea sings shimmering peridot and the light magic merges with it like necklaces of bubbles wrapping themselves around seaweed. Intertwined. Me.

My journey from my village to the City is just the beginning of a long meaningful tapestry. I have two lovers who cherish me, a School that welcomes me and a new life at a place filled with promises, stories, hopes and dreams. No doubt there will be bitterness, pain and anguish – but that is part of this journey I am undertaking.

What will my unborn daughter remember? What will I teach her? I will definitely teach her about the sea, the oysters and the pearls. And magic. She has to know that part of her, because it is her heritage, her birthright.


The sea is my mother
And I am her daughter –
Her water is mine own.

Her emotions
My joy, my grief, my anger.

The sea is my mother
And I am her daughter.
(Traditional song)

To the sea, I return.




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