Posted by: jolantru | September 1, 2010

Eleventh Branch: Flight (Interlude)

Another moon-cycle passed before we made the final decision to move. A faction of the City folk decided to stay with the caravansari and go back to the City.

I argued with Auri on the day we were about to set off to the Innerlands, where Josh’s family lived. She insisted we use the silver fish. I objected, stating that I was not ready as a pilot.

“Then I will fly it myself!” Auri stormed. I stared at her, stunned at her outburst. My calm Auri. Sensible Auri. What was happening to her?

What is happening to us?


Dawn lit up the plains with pinks and golds. I woke up early to watch the sunrise, pretty much like the mornings in the City. It was something I knew, something bone-deep inside me. I felt as if I needed to stand on something rock-hard, even now that the rock was currently a pebble. I clung onto it. I could see light sparkling in different directions, a twinkle here and there: the wishing tree, catching the rays of the sun. I thought of Fiona and her hopes. I thought of us and our own dreams.

I glanced at the silver fish, shining with the sunlight. Farhadi made last-minute checks. He had lavished so much care on it that I wished he would take it back. It was his. Not mine, not Auri’s. Josh was bundling all our bags in, stacking them up.

We bade our hosts farewell, myself grateful for Heri’s nurturing presence. I visited Fiona’s grave, placing a shard of oyster shell on top of it. I would go back to the wishing tree, to hang some glass shards up. My own wishes.

Caressing my abdomen, I walked to the silver fish, the rising sun in my eyes. I held the pot in which a little green seedling nestled, ready for a new life.



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  2. Short, but so very many layers of story here. I will be awaiting the next installment with anticipation.

    • Thank you. 🙂

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