Posted by: jolantru | October 21, 2011

Path Of Kindness: Four

“Do you want to study in the City?”

Shu, my friend. She reminds me of burnt sugar and white clouds. She is the girl the boys are always talking about. No magical gift of her own, but she fixes the silver fish – the carriers flown by both men and women – with her father. Most of the time she talks about machine parts. But we share our special jokes and secrets, giggling under the tree.

Before I was born, silver fish were only piloted by men. Mother changed that.

I lift her light brown fringe. “I haven’t thought of it. Perhaps I will travel Innerland. To the Ridge.”

Shu grins mischeviously. “With Dongzhen?”

I frown, though knowing she is just joking. “No.” I lean over and kiss Shu on the lips.

Besides being a heretic, I think I am also quai. Strange. I hate myself for the quai-ness.

What an odd taste – metallic. Like blood. And silver. Like the chassis – Shu’s word – of the silver fish.

“I am sure you will end up studying magic. I mean, your mother is THE Mirra of the sea. I imagine you spinning light. You have the look!”

Shu’s confidence cheers me up a little.

“I am probably going to live Apart. In one of those communes.”

I want to sound as if I am joking too. It  comes out literally bitter. Shu looks crestfallen.

“I am not sure if I am Triad too.” I shrugs, trying to lighten the mood.

We hears the sirens from the silver fishes. The fishermen are bringing in their catch.

“Come!” Shu says brightly and pulls my hand. “Let’s go and help the mothers clean the oysters and fish.”


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