Posted by: jolantru | December 30, 2011

Path Of Kindness: Seven

I dream of a blaze in the sky, like shooting stars. Only larger. The blaze breaks into three balls of fire, streaking like Chun Jie fireworks.

I dream of the explosions. The balls of fire smacking right into the earth, roaring like the sea in rage.

I dream and I do not know why I dream of a blaze in the sky.

Waking up with the taste of fire, of something burned and charred in my mouth. I stare at the early morning sky, still dark with the hint of rosy dawn.

I dare not close my eyes.

I do not go back to sleep again.

Ayam porridge
Fresh ayam (chicken) drumsticks

1.Wash rice and remove any impurities.
2.Boil rice and make sure that it does not overcook.
3.The drumsticks should be clean, the fatty bits removed. Cook in a separate pot. When the drumsticks are cooked, remove them from the stock (save them later for use!) and shred the meat.
4.Add the meat into the rice and add salt for taste.
5.For more flavor, include shallots and chopped ginger. Serve hot.


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