Posted by: jolantru | October 2, 2012

Path of Kindness: Twenty-One

I dream of the fire in the sky again, a vivid orange fire, like the sun knocked out of its cycle.

I dream that I touch the fire and my entire body becomes a pillar of fire. There is no pain. Only joy.

Sa is with me. Heart is with her.

Mother waves from a silverfish.

I dream that the sea rises up and washes over me. Reclaiming me.

Then I wake and find myself drenched in sweat and tears.

I refuse to go back to the school. When it’s time for school, I slip away and hide. I have found a tiny rock cave, close to the Eateries. I sit there for the whole morning before coming back, inhaling the faint scent of the faraway sea and the more familiar aromas of cooking.


Seafood Soup/Broth

Sliced fish.
Shallots (diced).
Pepper (for taste).
Salt (for taste).
Chilli (optional).
Fish stock.
Vegetable oil.

1. Heat the soup pot with a drizzle of vegetable oil and add in the diced shallots once the oil is suitably heated.
2. Stir the shallots until they are golden-brown. Slowly add in the sliced fish, prawns and clams into the stock. Heat gently (simmer). Fish, prawns and clams are quick to cook.
3. Add in pepper and salt for taste. For a more spicy taste, add in cut chilli. They are plentiful in Lamb Quarters. The small red ones (chilli padi) are the hottest. Get the mild ones (greens) if you like the broth with only a hint of heat.
4. Let the broth sit for half a hour before serving.
5. Serve hot with rice. Soy sauce for dipping.


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