Posted by: jolantru | October 9, 2012

Path of Kindness: Twenty-Two

Sa catches me before I leaves for my sanctuary. Sa’s grip is tight, insistent. I am in a good mood and tries to pull away with a laugh. “I am late.”

“No, you are not. You have not been attending school.”

Sar words cut through my euphoria like cold steel. Sar eyes glare at me, the green an angry sea.

“You have been lying to me all the time.”

I have to tell the truth. I have to. “I hate the school.”

Sa grips my arm tighter, nails digging into my skin. It hurts.

“Stop that,” I pull my arm away. Heart catches the tension in the air and cries. I do not like seeing Sa like this. “Stop it.”

“No,” Sa says and the words are laced with venom. I taste them on my tongue. They taste like the awful half-raw fiddleheads that gave me pain. “No.”

“Let go!” I snap and something sizzles. I watch as arcs of orange flame spiral down my arms like dancing dragons, attacking Sa.

My companion catches fire. Sa screams and the room smells of burning and scorched flesh.

Shocked, I grab the jug of water and splash the content on Sa who howls and keeps on howling. Sar right arm is all blistery, red and raw. The pain must be great. Sa simply collapses and I catch her, hating what I have done.

“Sa. Sa, I am so sorry.”


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