Posted by: jolantru | November 13, 2012

Path of Kindness: Twenty-Seven

is a
path of
thorns and bramble
My feet
But I live and


The skies are awash with fire. Fire clouds, fire stars, fire skies. I reach up and touch the fire. It feels like coming home, to a warm hearth, to Mother’s smiling face. I bring the fire down…and the three burning stars comet across the heavens.

They crash and become a sea of dead ships filled only with the sighs of the wind and with things past.

I sit up in bed. My heart thumps hard against my ribcage. Heart stirs beside me. And Sa whimpers in her sleep, as if sar is walking the dream with me.


I am making headway at Ibal’s clinic. I have progressed to dressing minor wounds. Ibal teaches me that the key thing in medicine is empathy. He talks to the patients a lot, making them laugh and feel at ease.

At the same time, Suriah is teaching me new recipes. I often return back to the little room, exhausted but happy.

Sa continues to use bitter words at me. I ignore them. I miss the gentleness of Shu. I wish she would take me away on her silver fish, away from Sa’s sharpness and rancor. Perhaps I still want Sa to forgive me.

Meanwhile the fire burns within. Quiet, like a simmering fire cooking a pot of stew.

I wonder if I would blow up again like Anak Jamu.


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