Posted by: jolantru | November 20, 2012

Path of Kindness: Twenty-Eight

It is perhaps the will of the sea that I meet Shu once more.

I am helping Ibal in his clinic. It is a full morning with patients streaming in. The weather has gone bone-cold and the usual crop of illnesses pops up with coughs and colds. Suriah has kept the clinic warm with a fireplace.

“Kindness, is that you?”

I start. That voice. I whirl about and there is Shu, wide-eyed and smiling warmly. She hug me there and then.

“You are here! In the City! Everyone is worried sick!” I smell the sea on her and I hold her tighter. Being a silver fish pilot seems to made her physically stronger. I feel the movement of hard muscles beneath her sturdy pilot wear.

“Yes, I am,” I say and nothing else. I am suddenly evasive. My heart aches. Home. I want to go home.

I cannot go home.

“We need to talk. Your mother wants you back. Been so long, so…” Shu is teary-eyed.


My best friend shakes her head. “I had sleepless nights, Ki. I finally found you. You were here all along!”

I cannot go home.

Ibal stares from his room, wagging his finger slowly, his eyebrows twitching. I have to get back to work.

“Talk to you later,” I say brusquely. I hate my tone.

Shu tries to get my attention a few times before walking out of the door. Suriah hands her a bag of medication and she is gone. It is the last time I saw her.


I am quai. I am a heretic. I even chased away my best friend. I chased away Shu!

I am very alone and very lonely.


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