Posted by: jolantru | December 13, 2012

Path of Kindness: Thirty-Three

“Let’s go home,” Sa says finally, hand unwinding the shawl. Face out for all to see.

I heave Heart into her sling. She’s getting so big now. My own heart is sore and teeters on an edge. I see the destruction in the City. Everything gone. My life. Gone

How am I going to heal my broken heart?

“Let’s go home.”

I tug at Kechil’s reins.

Perhaps it’s time.


We crested the hill overlooking the bay. Kechil snorted and stamped his hooves.

This time, my heart teetered, lost its balance and fell. I could go on and on looking at the green-blue water as far as I could see. I could watch the cooking fires soar up in individual columns. I could admire the silverfish gleaming under the setting sun, turning gold and bright.

I wasn’t sure if I could do this. I could just walk back as if I had just left the day before.

No. I didn’t. That was a lifetime ago.

I wasn’t sure if Mother would accept me.

Heart tugged at my hair. The smell of my daughter filled my nostrils, joining the smell of the sea. I was lost for words.

There was no need for words. This longing. This filling-of-my-heart sensation. My mouth was already filled with flavors. Flavors of home, of who I was, of the little family I had with Sa and Heart.

I urged Kechil forward and we began our climb down.

Inside me the fire burned low and would remain so for a long time.


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