Flora and Fauna

Assorted Fauna And Flora
Flit – Resembled Terra’s leafy sea-dragon. Clawed.
Ma – Horse.
Nu – Cow/cattle.
Yang – Goat.
Ayam – Chicken.
Sniffer canines – Dogs and other canids bred for specific functions, like disaster rescue work.

Finger-fish – Minnow-like fish. Indigenous.
Sea kelp forest – Sea fronds resembling the sea kelp forests of Terra.
Sea moss – Moss-like plants growing in the sea.
Limpets – Marine gastropod mollusks. Transplants from Terran. Might have hybridized with indigenous species.
Oysters – Bivalves. Transplants from Terra.

Vegetables and herbs – Transplants and variants from Terra.
She-oak – Known as the Casuarina from Terra. Pictures: needles and seedpods and seedpods, upclosed.

Note: The colonists brought over genes and embryos taken from all the known animal and plant stock – imagine a Noah’s Ark – to build a new world. The only known indigenous animal species are the flit, an aquatic race resembling Terran leafy sea-dragons, and the finger-fish, a minnow-like fish. There are also indigenous shellfish and mollusk species found mainly in the sea as well as the sea-kelp (resembling the said plant species) and sea-moss.


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